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Learn to make awesome product videos



I'll show you how to make videos that keep your customers focused.


Making product videos is hard. It's not just as simple as recording your screen and talking—but you probably already know this. The hard part can often be knowing where to start, or not knowing what programs to use (or which ones you should learn to use), or just not feeling confident in your script writing skills. 

At any rate—it's tough, which is why I made this course. There are too many great products with bad videos—or just no videos at all, which is a missed opportunity in itself. 

We'll use simple tools to get professional results, and it won't take you weeks to get through. I made this course with the busy working pro in mind—ain't nobody got time for a 12 hour course! 


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Normally $149, Now only $99


What you'll learn

In this course I'll take you through every phase of the product-video process, and break it all down into no-nonsense, digestible steps that make it easy to produce thoughtful, effective and helpful videos.

You'll also get a bunch of extras, like recommendations on tools, apps, and equipment—script examples & formulas—source files to pick apart, workflow examples, and more. 

The Startup Video Course runs a little over 2 hours, and contains 16 videos. There's also a course project for you to complete, which will take up to a few hours as well, should you choose to complete it.


How to make the right video (the first time)
A little planning goes a long way—I'll give you the tools to crush it, plus you'll find out what burgers and good videos have in common.


How to write scripts for product videos
Product videos have a lot of unique constraints, and writing scripts for them require special foresight.

How to sound great without spending a lot
If you have a good looking video with bad audio, it's a bad video. The good news is, it doesn't cost a lot to sound good. Plus I'll teach you some voiceover techniques!

How to use ScreenFlow like a boss
You'll be making your videos in ScreenFlow, and we'll walk through creating an entire project from start to finish.

How to skip beginner mistakes
There's so much I've learned from making lots of mistakes along the way. Instead of years, you can learn to skip them in hours.

A skill set for life
Who gets hired: the person who's good, or the person who's good and can also make killer videos? Seems like a no brainer to me.


Just a quick note: This course does require ScreenFlow, which is $99—However, a free 30 day trial is available.


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Lesson list (~2hr runtime)


  • Free updates to the course for life
  • Sample files to pick apart
  • A project kickoff worksheet
  • Script formulas (for marketing & support)
  • A handy list of resources (tools, websites, and products to get the job done)
  • A product video workflow outline


Who's this course for?

Simply put—Anyone who works on an app (mobile, desktop, web, etc.,) that needs to make videos worthy of their product & customers. And wants to learn how to do that fast. 

Here's a non exhaustive list

  • Marketers / product marketers
  • Product designers
  • Support reps / customer happiness
  • Content marketers
  • Anyone else who wants to make killer videos

Who's this not for? 
While a lot of the ideas in this course will help make other great videos, too—This is not for people looking to make videos using real cameras. I'm teaching screencasts-on-steroids here.


About the instructor

Screenshot 2018-07-24 12.27.27.png

Hello! I’m Andy, and I make all the videos for one of the startup world’s favorite companies—InVision. Over the past couple years I’ve been neck deep in learning what makes for great, effective product videos—by making a lot of them, and watching the data.

I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned that makes my videos reach and average 40% conversion rate (when capturing emails) and an 80% completion rate (which means the amount of people watching all the way to the end.)

I’ve been a designer for the past 10 years, working in everything from global agencies, small businesses, startups, and even a fancy piñata shop. (okay, that last one is my wife’s business, but it still counts.) It turns out that along with design, I love making product videos. The ability to create powerful video content without even turning on a camera is one of the most valuable and intoxicating skills I’ve gained in recent years. I think you'll feel the same way, too!



Here's a look at some videos I've made using ScreenFlow


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