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japan's sumitomo chemical c oxazine its cycling reversed-phased yaojiansuo first registration and suspending agent products

recently, japan's sumitomo chemical co., ltd c oxazine its cycling 95% technical won the ministry of agriculture (yaojiansuo temporary registration approval, at the same time also allowed the company c oxazine its cycling 9.5% suspending agent, used to control rice paddies annual weed. registration is valid until april 11, 2015. does not have a company registered in china c oxazine its cycling technical and drug product.

c oxazine its cycling is a kind of selective broad-spectrum herbicide, with reasons, the sulfonylurea herbicide resistant weeds, has good control effect. the active ingredient initially by takeda pharmaceuticals research and development in japan, after the products are classified as japan's sumitomo. 2008 c oxazine its cycling for japan to register, and began the following year. sumitomo in japan in 2011 in the form of "jumbo" preparation of suspended particles to launch the product.

c oxazine 2012 global sales of less than 10 million of its short cycling.

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