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india banned the import of did not register for the technical formulation of pesticide products

recently, the jiangsu rudong county huasheng chemical co., ltd., approved to register for domestic enterprises more than the first fruit set technical products (98% content, exclusively for export).

fruit set belongs to the guanidine compounds, more is a foliar fungicide, protective effect and some treatment. can be used for the prevention and control of fruit trees, vegetables, nuts, ornamental plants and various main mold diseases into the shadow of the tree. the mechanism of action of fungicides is the permeability of damage cells and lead to cell inclusions extravasation and cell death.

more fruit first by kenogard company research and development, in 1956 the american cyanamid company basf (has been) market in the united states more than fruit. in 2000, chimac agriphar company from aventis bought much fruit. this product has been authorized by multiple companies operating, but the market share is small. in the european union has now registered again.

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